Composing A Convincing Conclusion For A Research Paper

College life is supposed to be fun and learning but many students aver this is not so. This is more so when it comes to research paper writing; a lot of time is required and yet there is still more work to be done at school. With the intense nature of studying required and the technical nature of writing skills you need, it is advisable to seek assistance with your project. This not only saves you time but also helps broaden your research.

The Importance of a Convincing Conclusion for Your Essay

One of the toughest aspects in academic writing process is coming up with a convincing conclusion. After hours spent studying and composing the paper, it is understandable that most students want to get it over with.

This is a big mistake because your professor will not only initially look at the topic and introduction of research papers but also the conclusion you have come up with. This gives a general idea on the strength of the arguments in the rest of your paper. A well written conclusion not only synthesizes the main ideas but also hammers the point home. This is the last chance you have to win over the reader and if you do it with tact, your paper is going to earn you a top grade.

A conclusion is also crucial in clarifying issues and making it clear where you stand. You have to be compelling in your argument to make your essay powerful. This is not easy for most students and research paper writing services come in handy to help compose a convincing conclusion. If you are to get a good grade, you must stress the importance of your thesis; wrap up any loose ends in your argument sand leave a lasting impression on readers.

Tips to write a Good Conclusion

Now that you appreciate the importance of this section in your paper’s structure, it is time you learnt some tips on how to write a compelling conclusion. Take a look:

  1. Answer the question ‘so what’: After making your point throughout the other sections of an essay, it is important to remind readers why it is worthwhile to consider your argument. Make sure you give a reason (s) to prove that this paper is meaningful and purposeful.
  2. Analyze/synthesize ideas and avoid summarizing: The last thing a reader wants is a summary of all points they have already read. Your task should be to synthesize ideas and link them to your thesis. A conclusive conclusion of a college research essay should leave the reader in no doubt about the strength of points you have made.
  3. Connect it to real life: Give an example or more about real life situations where your argument holds. This moves your essay from specific to general and clicks with the reader. The idea here is to think globally and give your work a feeling of authenticity.
  4. Echo your introduction: Don’t bring in new ideas in this section but instead, bring readers full circle by reminding them of your introduction or thesis. This helps them relate to your argument in a more concrete way. If you are not able to do this, look for research papers online and learn how the experts do it.
  5. Pose a question: This is the oldest trick in writing a conclusion and it always works when used creatively. It is an innovative way of giving readers a new perspective on the topic.
  6. Pose a challenge: In some topics, it is best to involve your readers by helping them redirect the ideas in your paper. This forces them to internalize the point you are making.
  7. Call for more research: Scholars understand there is never an end to studying and as such, it is advisable to leave the door open for future research in the subject you are covering.

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