Elaborate Guidance on Writing a Research Paper Introduction About Technology

Now that there are no second chances to make a great first impression, well-written introductions are not an option when it comes to writing an introduction to a research paper about Technology. The opening paragraph helps the reader to gauge their initial impressions on the logic of the arguments you are presenting, the quality of your research, writing style and how valid your findings and conclusions are.

A disorganized, vague and error-filled introduction creates a negative impression, but a straightforward, engaging, a concise and well-written introduction will make the reader think highly of your analytical skills, the writing style used including your research approach.

A good technology research paper introduction will do the following things:

  • Introduce the problem and the motivation behind the study – This tells the reader more about the topic and why that topic is relevant essential.
  • It offers a summary of the previous scientific or engineering work on the topic – here the overview that is known in regards to the problem is presented. You can typically cite any studies that have been conducted on the topic earlier. You need to reveal the void that will be filled by your brilliant research.
  • In case you are writing a thesis, you should have a full literature review that offers certain details on research paper topics about technology, to date. Note that the introduction presents a brief overview.
  • It summarizes the project’s purpose and objectives – the aim of the project is linked to filling any knowledge gap that has been identified or to solve a certain problem. The specific objectives are often listed in the form of points.
  • Offers a roadmap for the paper – this helps the reader to know what is coming as well as the logic behind the study. The contents of each chapter need to be described.

Things that should not be included in the introduction

You should never place any decisions in the introduction part of the paper. Just because the introduction is written last, it doesn’t mean that you must give away your story. After all, it’s the reason it’s known as the introduction.

Ensure that you consider these tips the next time you need to write an introduction to your technology research paper. This will keep your reader fascinated with what you are saying, and as a result, you can get a better score too. Alternatively, you can hire the services of a professional writing agency to help with the work.