“It seems like you have got yourself in an old fashioned stand-off”

There will always come that awkward time in your life as a supporter of bondage and BDSM when you will end up extremely attracted to another person who is actually a dominant, just like you are. Unfortunately, this spells disaster for most couples. Both of you wouldn’t budge and it isn’t as if you can just hop on bondagedating.com and find another partner in a few seconds who will hit all the same great nerves that the hot femdom is sparking right now. While there are a few good bondage sites out there that can really help you with a proper hookup, it still isn’t the easiest task in the world to get along with another dominant, so there will be bumps along the way in making your relationship work. The first bump could be finding a site that can actually give you some tips. You need to stay clear of the scam sites, read the reviews here: tiemeupnow.com/sites/bondagedating/. Bondage dating with another dominant is not easy but if this is what you really attracted to then you have to work for it.

The Option of Trading Off

“Or you can flip a coin to change roles”

While it isn’t entirely ideal, there is always the chance that you two can play a game of rock, paper, scissors, and trade off as to who is the submissive partner for that particular evening. This won’t work for all couples, but let’s assume that it will work for you and your new lady, who you’ve brought home from the bondage club down the street. She’s decided that she’s going to be on top tonight, and you’re a little wary. Just keep in mind that this should work like any other BDSM relationship that you’ve had in the past. As the submissive for the night, you’re the one really in control.

While it might go against your nature to be acting as a submissive, many dominants who give it a shot find that it’s actually an amazing mental release that helps them feel better about life and more sound-minded in general after the fact. This kind of submission can also help them better understand their encounters with their own submissives in the future, and you might actually find this to be an exhilarating experience that you may even want to try again in the future. While good bondage sites will then try and label you a switch, that obviously isn’t always the case. You might just find yourself into the act of bottoming to this one person, or in one particular scenario. Something else might not work for you, or you might never want to be submissive to another human being ever again. Whatever you decide, the decision to just switch it off might be a temporary way to make your relationship work, but just be aware that it might not always be a solution that will have a positive or fulfilling conclusion.

You Could Always Try Being Vanilla

“How boring is that – really!”

This is a dreaded decision by many dominants who are into other dominants. While it might make your nose term up at first, being vanilla and not involving any of the kinky stuff that makes both of you dominants in the BDSM scene might make it a lot easier for the two of you to get it on and have a great round of sex. We’re not saying that you have to lie on your backs and have sex like something out of the bible – no good bondage site would recommend that, and we certainly aren’t going to recommend it either. We’re just saying that the two of you can have “normal” sex and not worry about the connotations of being a dominant or submissive, and still have a great time while it’s happening.

If the two of you decide to go this route, then you might have a great time trying out a number of fun, athletic sex positions in order to vent that alpha male inside of you, and the alpha female inside of her. She can try girl on top, or heck, if you’re into it, she can try pegging you while you get off on that particular, new sensation. Whatever you decide to do, keeping the dominant and submissive connotation out of the equation might be what the two of you need to make your relationship work, and it can mean that the two of you actually have some fun, exciting sex that might surprise you with how much you end up enjoying it.

The Art of Polyamorous Relationships

“This looks spicy”

Maybe the two of you are dominants and just can’t make the switching off thing work, and vanilla sex just isn’t enough between the two of you. The fact is, though, that the two of you don’t want to break up. You want to stay with her, and she wants to stay with you…but something has to give, or both of you are just going to end up miserable and unhappy in your sex lives before you know it, and that is going to ruin your relationship at the drop of a hat.

The logical choice here is to have an open relationship, and bring someone else into the equation. The ideal choice, of course, is to bring in a submissive that is just fine with being in the middle of two dominant partners. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, though if you have a preference, the two of you should be able to talk about this and decide on the proper partner together. So long as they are submissive and willing to have two dominant partners, you will be able to make a triangle that works extremely well for all three of you sexually.

If you don’t want to share one partner, then there is always the option of you both having a submissive on the side who is your go-to fix, so to speak, when you need to dominate in the bedroom and your lover just isn’t going to let it happen. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this sort of open relationship so long as your partner agrees to it and is comfortable with it. The two of you might find yourselves happier than ever when you are able to healthily and safely vent your sexual needs with another person. It might make your relationship that much strong, and the two of you might end up even closer together when you have an outlet that isn’t just a ball of frustration between the two of you.

“Let romance take the lead – keep the ego aside”

In general, while it might seem daunting to try and form a romantic relationship with another dominant on the BDSM scene, it isn’t an impossible thing in order to make work. It just does take some work and some finagling, and the two of you might end up clashing on more than one occasion. You might end up feeling as though you are not granted enough power in the relationship, and you might end up being stressed if the two of you cannot find a peaceful median somewhere along the line. That’s why you should always know when to step back, consider your options, and figure out what is the healthiest situation for both you and her. A relationship between two dominants can be an extremely passionate, charged-up relationship, and that’s why you should always exercise caution, and use common sense when dealing with any conflicts that the two of you end up having. Good luck, and have fun figuring out how to make this work!

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“Determine which strands of hair you want to highlight”

The look of sun-highlighted hair is highly sought after. It impart a healthy glowand a sun kissed look to your whole face. The shimmering, light tendrils of hair must look natural and healthy to pull off the look successfully. While difficult to do at home, it isn’t impossible, but if you have no cosmetology training or experience, it may be best to let a professional do it. Spa treatments are considerably more expensive but take the risk of looking like a striped tiger out of the equation.

Success starts before the purchase when you’re giving yourself highlightsat home. Highlighting kits tell you the type and color of highlights the kit will leave, if your hair is the color the box designates to begin with. If you’re looking at a box that says “caramel highlights” and “for brown hair”, make sure you have brown hair. Black, very dark brown, red and blonde haircolorswith not end up with caramel highlights. Keep in mind it may take more than one application over several weeks to get the desired highlight color. A lot depends on where you buy the kit as well. There are some great drugstore brands but it’s a better idea to go to a beauty supply store and talk with the sales girl about what you want to achieve. Beauty supply stores have a larger array of choices as well. Before making a final purchase, consider the length of your hair, the color it is and the color of highlights you want.

“Deeply condition your hair at least 3 days before highlighting”

The next step to perfect at-home highlights is preparing your hair for the process. Highlights take best when applied to unwashed hair. Deep condition your hair four days prior to highlighting. Deep conditioning will help have your hair in the healthiest possible condition and able to successfully withstand the highlighting. Do not wash your hairtwo – three days prior to applying highlights. Clean hair is free from much of the natural oils that build up on the hair. Applying chemicals and bleach directly on clean hair can damage it.

An important step that many tend to skip is the strand test. The strand test consists of taking a small strand of hair in an inconspicuous spot and testing the highlighting solution. Begin by leaving the solution on for the recommended amount of time. If the desired effects are achieved and the highlight color is perfect, the time is set. If not, leave it on for a little longer or not quite as long, depending upon the desired effect. The strand test is arguably the most important part of highlighting at home. It can detour a disaster of epic proportions. Hair lightens in stages during the time it’s processing. It passes through hues of red, orange and yellow before reaching platinum blonde.
One big tip all the stylistrecommend is to toss the cap. Even if the kit comes with a plastic cap with tiny holes in it, don’t use it. The small, plastic spatula some kits provide is inadequate as well. Stylists recommend using a small toothbrush instead. Highlights are designed to look like the sun has bleached out the hair naturally. It is impossible to get natural highlights in by pulling out tiny strands of hair through these holes. It is impossible to judge the area the hair is coming from and hard to get the same amount of hair each time.

“Try a middle partition if you have a heart-shaped face”

Begin highlighting by parting the hair in the way it is normally worn, letting it fall naturally to decipher which pieces frame the face. Starting approximately one centimeter from the scalp, brush on the highlighting solution in one inch sections. Strands in the back and under-layers should be half inch or less. Strands should also dwindle to half an inch near the middle of the head.

Expert Hair highlights in Echo Park

“My hair color looks awesome”

More times than must of use would like to admit when we highlight our hair at home it does not come out exactly how we want. Sometimes things go wrong and you need some help with your hair highlights. Stylists agree that no one should feel ashamed to visit a stylist after highlight at home go wrong. Courtesy of Rockpapersalon.com No one is perfect. Mistakes happen and even stylists can experience a bad hair highlights. What’s important is getting the mistakecorrected and returning to a normal life. A mistake in hair highlights in Echo Park doesn’t have to be forever.

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“GPS apps are life savers”

GPS apps for the iPhone are life savers. There are many such apps in the AppStore. However, not all of them have what it takes to serve you right. Some free apps are even better than some high cost ones. Use this guide to unearth the 3 best GPS apps you can use on the iPhone:

Google Maps

This free app comes preinstalled on the iPhone. Considering the resources and power that Google has, it comes as no wonder that they have created such an amazing GPS app. If you are more familiar with overhead maps, then this is the easiest app to use. This map helps you see your position relative to the destination. It also gives you directions for walking, driving and using public transportation. You can also choose between street view and map view depending on what you prefer.



“Let’s go on a Drive”

Priced at $ 49.99, this downloadable app is among the biggest names in the GPS world. Most other GPS apps are based on the features that TomTom brought into the market. You can enjoy such features as 3-D maps, voice guided navigation assistance and Lane Assistance. The latter uses images to help you choose the lanes to follow when you get to a freeway transition.
TomTom has outdone the rest using this reliable and sturdy GPS app. It provides a model that other brands are yet to challenge. Although, the price is quite steep, this is one solid buy.

Motion X Drive


“Go on a Long Drive”

This GPS app sells at $ 0.99. It is one of the most downloadable apps available. The price tag is quite lenient compared to the others. Once you open it, a beautiful and simple interface will greet your eyes. The wheel displays various search options and comes with easily recognizable icons that you can use for navigational purposes.
Another cool feature you won’t find in other GPS apps is the amazing Wikipedia button. This button gives you directions to, a summary of and links to articles about interesting locations near you. Although this button isn’t helpful when you get lost, it is great for increasing your knowledge about the areas around you.
The app also comes with feature for routing the traffic live. MotionX went into a partnership with INRIX to get the data about traffic incident info and traffic flows. The setting for this feature is ‘off’ by default. Therefore, you need to enable it from the settings so that you can use it.
Simple interface and comprehensive wiki links, easy to search destinations, fast switching between text direction summary and maps all work hand in hand to make this one of the best 3 GPS app for your iPhone.
Overall, each of the apps listed here can get you to your destination in decent time, so long as you don’t miss any step. When you get lost, TomTom is the best app to use because it will reroute you efficiently and quickly without you having to hustle with menus and pressing buttons. Still, the above GPS apps are designed for the practical user meaning you shouldn’t have a hard time downloading one and installing it into your iPhone.

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“Recently Divorced? Go out and find a Date”

Jumping back into the dating game can be a struggle for a recently divorced man. From the married life to single life can be a difficult transition. Your life as a single man 5-10 years ago may have been very different when compared to your life as a single man in your 40s or 50s. Not only did the dating scene change but after the divorce, you now come with extra baggage and that may include kids, money issues and exes.


“Jumping back into dating after a divorce”

When you’ve been married for a long time, you may have neglected yourself. You no longer hangout with your old buddies. You’ve forgotten your hobbies or sports. You’re not in great shape anymore. After the divorce, it’s time you evaluate yourself and reconnect with the “old” you. Perhaps, this will be the time for you to see your old friends and make yourself feel good.

Once you’ve healed, you will be ready to start a new relationship again. If you’re feeling confident and ready to date again after the divorce, then here are helpful tips for divorced men.

1. Meeting women can be stressful so start with internet dating first. Online dating is simple and convenient. Bars and clubs may be an awkward and stressful environment for a recently divorced man. Many people join online dating and you can easily browse through the different profiles of potential dates. Once you’ve exchanged emails and have become familiar with each other, you can then decide to “close” the deal and meet in person.

2. Don’t talk about your ex-wife and your failed marriage. Divorce can leave men resentful towards their ex-wives. However women find complaining men unattractive. Don’t talk about why the marriage failed. Establish a connection with your date by talking about her interest and hobbies. Talk about positive things and how you are ready to begin a close relationship again.

3. Dating is not a therapy. Divorce has its ups and downs. You’ll feel tired, guilty, embarrassed and depressed about the break-up. When you’re dating, don’t use your date as your therapist. Women hate men who are too negative and they may not like to date you if you have an angry and sad attitude. Women like men who are optimistic, strong and fun. Rather than talking about your problems, you can ask about things that matter to her. If your day is not going great, then talk to a friend or learn to de-stress. Be positive when you’re on a date.

Know that these are dating tips and as the relationship blossoms, you can always talk more about personal issues. What’s vital is that you’re ready to date and you’ve completely healed.

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“Zone In with mental exercises”

You can use 3 mental exercises to zone in on what you want to do. You should do mental toughness exercisesprior to working out or taking on any other difficult task. This will help you maximize your output, especially when you want to work out.
Competitive athletes learn how to zone in using these mental exercises so that they can set themselves apart from the rest of the competition. You can now rely on the same strategies used by athletes to accentuate your mental toughness. This will show you how to zone in so that you can heighten all the benefits of working out on a daily basis.
Following below are the three mental exercises you need to do on a daily basis to get into the zone:

Positive Affirmations before Exercise

Positive thoughts are great for increasing energy levels. This is something you might have noticed in your daily dealings. Whenever you feel negative or sad, you will often be less motivated and have less strength to start your day and get through it.
In the same way, when you tell yourself that you are not as flexible and strong as others are or that you are not in good shape, you will rob yourself of the necessary strength to keep up with your goals. On the other hand, forcing positive thoughts into your mind will create excitement and enthusiasm.
Therefore, you need to start thinking about your unique abilities and skills. If you have strong legs, use them to bike up that steep hill. On the other hand, if your cardiovascular shape is top notch, use it to endure advanced aerobics classes. List down your positive traits that relate to the task you wish to zone in on and think about them before you start out.

Visualize Success


“Excellent way to exercise your mind”

The other strategy for mental exercises that you can use, revolves around visualizing success even before you start out. This principle can be applied to all sectors of life. For instance, if you plan on swimming 10 laps, just close your eyes and think about doing this. Picture yourself going through what you need to accomplish and achieving the ultimate goal.

Think Positive

There are many other mental exercises out there. However, none of them will work out if you have negative thoughts in your head. You need to replace these with more positive thoughts and affirmations.
It is challenging to focus on failures and weaknesses. If you start to run and notice that your ankles are hurting, chances are high that you will start running altogether. We all have a natural tendency to focus on failure. However, with the right mental exercises, you will be able to toughen up yourself so that you learn how to avoid negative thoughts consciously. This will ensure that you achieve more in life and in your exercise regime.
The next chance you get to do something perfectly, try rewarding yourself with more positive thoughts. You will notice that the positive thoughts will improve your performance. They will also help you zone in, into what you really want to accomplish. Overall, these 3 mental exercises to zone in will go a long way in helping you accomplish your goals.

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“Where are you going to invest your money in 2013?”

The best companies to invest in today depends on their management and profit generation. You have to determine how they move and withstand the stock market’s rollercoaster ride to keep your investment in good shape. Investing is not easy on the heart. Many people find it so hard to put their money in one stock. But, knowing the cards on investing makes your step steady and more founded.

Characteristics of a good company

If you are a newbie in investing, you have to keep your eyes open for the trend of stock market and the characteristics of the company you want to invest in. Here are some pointers on what to look for:
1. Know what you want. The frustration level of one person depends on his own personality. Are you a conservative investor that allows no risks? Or are you a liberated investor who likes challenges and action in the stock market?


“Stock market – Get some action”

2. Volatility in the stock market. Exchange rates and movements in the stock market affect the companies. To know how volatile they are, you have to check their beta coefficient. This is described as a measurement of the stock risks in the market. An average risk is identified as 1. Lower than 1 beta coefficient means the risk is low. Greater than 1 means the risk is very volatile.
3. Price to earnings ratio. If you are choosing between companies under the same industry, you have to look for the (P/E) or the Price to Earnings ratio. When it is low, the company has low value. Otherwise, it enjoys good standing.
4. Foundation. If you already picked a company, know the foundation, goals and achievements. This will add up to the feeling that you are really part of the company.
5. Movement. Familiarize yourself about the movement of the stock market. Ask stock market experts about investing.

Top companies to invest in


“Get better returns on your investment”

Since the recession, the economy is in a full-speed rate of climbing the ladder to good condition. Here are the top ranking companies that can increase your investment:
1. TRW Automotive Holdings. Motor and automotive industry are the second leading industry in the world today. The weapons industry is still number 1. Last 2012, stockholders in this company got 563.3% returns of their investment.
2. Tenneco. This also belongs to automotive parts industry. Last year, they got 501.0% returns of investment.
3. Dillard’s. This is a department store chain the in the US which is fast growing. It owns 330 stores across the country. Their largest shopping mall is in Scottdale, Arizona. Last year’s performance in the stock market was the best. Their investors got 374.1% returns. They are gearing up for new heights this year to maintain, if not, take their performance to a greater level.

Investing in the stock market is making waves today as the economy is moving at a good pace again after the devastating recession. Even, young people are looking on stock holding to secure their future. Studying how the market move and the performances of companies makes your money grow safely.

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“Manage your time effectively”

If it was possible to increase the number of hours in a day, then most of us would have done exactly that. This is because we always have a lot of work to do each day, but the number of hours per day is ever constant – 24 hours. Now, since we have no powers to alter the number of hours, how can we beat the deadlines, considering the fact that more and more work will continue to come in our direction each and every day? The answer is simple, we need to employ certain time management techniques that will allow us to stay focused and organized. If only we can do that, then we are bound to beat all the deadlines no matter what circumstances come our way.

Which is the best approach to use in time management? There are countless, time management tips that can enable us to accomplish what we want. Three best ways to manage the time are:

1. Organize in advance the day’s work


“Keep a diary to plan the activities of next day”

This is the first step that needs to be addressed in order to succeed in time management. A typical approach to plan your day’s work is to take, say 20 minutes, of your time in the evening to plan the next day’s activities. This merely means that you need to come up with things -to-do list of the things you need to accomplish in the next day. This will enable you to stay focused on the day’s work. One major mistake that should be avoided at all costs is being unrealistic. Surely, how can you handle up to 100 tasks in a day? Your things-to-do-list should comprise reasonable items that can easily be executed in a single day. Exaggerating will only contribute to stress and reduced productivity.

2. Avoid all distractions

Stick to your to-do-list. You need to focus your attention on what you had planned for the day. Anything that comes in between should be avoided since they will not only ”eat” your time away, it will also reduce the chances of attaining the goals. Turn off all items, e.g. the email, the phones, that may tempt you to focus elsewhere. Your emphasis should be ‘do the right things’ Spend time on urgent matters.

3. Use your time efficiently


“Get your To-do list done in time ”

Even if you plan well for your work yet you have no ability to use the time efficiently, then nothing much will be accomplished. You need to maximize the usage of your time while at the same time not compromise the quality of your work. When you sit down or walk, ensure that you get the best out of your sacrifice. It is not enough to be just aware of what to do. If quality work is delivered within the stipulated time, less time will be wasted in trying to fix errors that were overlooked.

In conclusion, even though the three time management tips seem simple; the truth is that they are not as simple as most of us tend to think. They demand courage and determination. However, if everything is taken care of, then there is nothing to worry about since every task will be accomplished.

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